Darrell Kyle for city council


Darrell Kyle is running for the Superior city council to continue a life of service. Darrell has always seen service as a part of his calling. He has spent his life caring about and for people through his work in the church, in hospice, and in the military. A huge part of those jobs involves listening - and he promises to listen to all of the voices in the 3rd Ward, as your city council member.

Darrell is a 15 year veteran of the 148th Fighter Wing in Duluth, Minnesota, and has served our nation in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. "I have learned through military service that in order to be successful we have to be a part of something greater than ourselves."

"I have two children. I would like for Superior to be a place that they can call home in their adult lives. For that to happen for my children, and for the children of our community, we have to have a business climate that draws employers to our city."

Darrell has lived in Douglas County for 18 years. "I have lived in and outside of Superior, and I think that gives me a unique vantage point to see Superior through different eyes that will serve the interests of the 3rd Ward." Darrell is married to Sheryl and they have two children, Ted (22) and Kate (18).

"I want to be the 3rd Ward city council member so that we, together, have a voice that reflects the voices of the people of the 3rd Ward. I promise that when I am your council member, we will serve this Ward and this city - Together."

Endorsed by the Superior Federation of Labor for the 3rd Ward


I believe we should expand the TIF Districts to encourage development and attract businesses. Superior must be a place that welcomes businesses, attracts and retains talent, and makes it possible for the next generation to call Superior home.


I know families are tightening their belts right now in this current economic climate. This is not the time to raise taxes when families are already feeling the squeeze.

Affordable housing in Superior is a must. Government can encourage and incentivise the building of new single and multi-family dwellings in Superior.


Roads and infrastructure are a primary responsibility of the city government. We can and must do better to make our streets the best in the region.


We must continue to support our police and fire departments. In order to be a thriving community, Superior must be a safe place to work, live, and play.

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